Siberian larch

Who would like to purchase larch without any intermediaries, directly from the Siberian manufacturer?

I am the head of a rather small company.

I specialize in the manufacture of dried lumber for carpentry and furniture production in Russia.

The maximum volume that I can provide for export to Europe is 120 m3 that is 4 trucks per month.

Siberian Larch for export to Europe is 120 m3 that is 4 trucks per month

This is the select unedged larch lumber that has been chamber dried in order to obtain the moisture content of 20 +/- 2%. Size: thickness - 50 mm, length - 6000 mm.

Siberian Larch from Krasnoyarsk

My production site is located in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

Larch from the Siberian manufacturer

The globally known larch is grown exactly in our region, near Angara river. Usually it is called Siberian larch, but sometimes – the Angara larch.

Siberian larch or Angara larch

Until the present time, I have no experience of direct larch supplies to Europe. I made it only through intermediaries. They buy up lumber at my production site and send it for export.

Siberian Wood Larch

For me, this field of activity is still unknown, that is why I have so many different fears and concerns.

Siberian larch for Export

Probably, the European consumers of Siberian larch would like to buy it directly in Siberia. However, I think, they have as many fears as mine.

Siberian larch - preparation for export to Europe

I would like to find factories in Europe that use dry larch from Siberia in their production.

The select unedged larch lumber

I have very simple aim - I could sell the lumber a bit more expensive than to the intermediaries, and you could buy larch at a lower price than from the intermediaries. It would be profitable for both parties.

Direct deliveries of larch to Europe

If you ever thought of buying larch directly in Siberia, but you have never done it, please free to contact me.

Siberian Larch from Russia

Let's try together to dispel our doubts and overcome fears. You’ll deal with yours, and I’ll deal with mine.

Larch from the Siberian manufacturer

Contact me:


Игорь Страдымов - директор компании "Сухая Доска Сибири". Красноярск

Igor Stradymov - director of "Dry Timber of Siberia"

P.S. Watch this short video. I'm showing you how we produce larch.